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Santiago Rubino
Santiago Rubino

Santiago Rubino, hailing from Buenos Aires, Argentina...

is a locally-based artist whose work is featured inside the Wynwood Doors. His original contribution depicted black and white portraits of three women set against a pink background. Each was woman reflecting a meditative and reflective state. The piece paid homage to the great Tony Goldman.

The self-taught artist draws inspiration from fashion, nature, geometry, mysticism, and technology. While the style of his illustrations can be described as a mixture of comic book, graffiti and animation, the light strokes of his technique created by his medium of graphite, oil, paint and charcoal, is inspired by traditional Renaissance craftsmanship.

In 2014, Rubino was asked back to participate in the Art of Collaboration, Wynwood Walls’ program for Art Basel. In a departure from his typical palette, the mural is done in golds and blues and set against a black background featuring imagery reminiscent of ancient Egypt.